I am Seyed Amir Hossein Rabet, born in 1999 / Boroujerd / Lorestan. I work in the field of visual arts / photography. The subject of my activity is generally the subject of modernity and the problems of human beings with it and Insist on the dark side of modern society.


Low quality of life - Problems of the human psyche in today's world - Confusion - Fame-lust-persistence is a cause that penetrates everyone in the human soul and mind. Little by little, he turns it into a machine that works day and night, regardless of emotions.Inner, spiritual needs are striving to achieve a declining goal. In an age when technology-media-social networks and ... rain bombs on humans They have completely changed the meaning of humanity. All of this is a reason for me to be able to portray my concerns

The art of photography is the closest art to reality, or perhaps it can be said to be reality itself. With it, we enclose moments in rectangular or square frames.The most message that can be conveyed to the audience is through the image. Through photography, you can make an impact on the mind and heart of the audience that will not be forgotten for years.


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